ISAMPP Organization

The International Society of Audio/MIDI Playback Professsionals (ISAMPP) is a private community comprised of the top programmers, educators, and practitioners within the playback industry. This organization is dedicated to providing internationally recognized, unblemished professional training and certification.

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CAMPE Certification

The Certified Audio/MIDI Playback Engineer (CAMPE) certification is the vanguard professional certification within the audio and MIDI playback industry. The purpose of this credential is to implement highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and workmanship across the entire production industry. When an individual carries the CAMPE certification, it is understood that they are an elite playback practitioner.

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BootCAMPE Training

The ISAMPP's BootCAMPE training is a comprehensive course in becoming a professional audio/MIDI playback engineer. This foundational program is designed from the ground up to take a student with limited knowledge in digital audio and MIDI data and prepare them for work in some of the largest productions on the planet. This course will also cover all topics needed to assist candidates in later pursuing the CAMPE certification.

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BootCAMPE Training

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